Recover deleted Data

How To Recover Data From Hard Disk & Memory Card

There are a lot of reasons for the data being deleted from the hard disk and the memory card. Sometimes the device might get crashed or by pure accident, the file gets deleted. A lot of important work is lost because of this. Thanks to the advance technology now a days. It has been made possible to recover data from hard disk and the memory card. The time consumed in all of this procedure of recovering the data and the file is also very little. Not much efforts are required.

How To Recover Data From Hard Disk Memory Card

 How To Recover Data From Hard Disk & Memory Card

  1. Recover Data From Hard Disk

    Data remanence means that even when the files and data is deleted from the hard disk due to any of the reason, some data still exists in the disk. Data remanence is advantageous as it is only because of it that data recovery is possible from the hard disk. Recovery of data should be absolutely safe and virus free to avoid any damage being done to the data.

    Recovering data from the hard disk is easy, all you have to do is download the EaseUs data recovery wizard. Install and launch it either on windows or mac. A list will appear which show all the hard disks that are connected to your computer. You will be asked to select a location first and then proceed. After all this, follow the following steps carefully:

    1. After launching the data recovery wizard, you will have to select the drive where you lost the data. Scan the device.
    2. With the help of the software, a scan will be done. After a scan, another scan which be a little elongated one will be done to find more files.
    3. Figure out what data you require and click recover on the file. Save that data again.
  2. Recover Data From Memory Card

    Memory card is used in various electronic devices. The data deletion can happen due to many possible reasons. Either by accident or by virus attack, the data gets lost. Sometimes the card might not be formatted, then also there are chances that your data might get lost. But there is no need to worry, you always have an option to recover the lost data by simply following some steps which are absolutely plain and lucid.

    EaseUs software is your rescue option when it comes to saving the lost data. Download it on any of the device and install it. After doing this, follow the following steps diligently.

    1. Connect your memory card to the pc.
    2. After launching the EaseUs free memory card recovery software, you have to select the card and click on the scan button.
    3. Following the scan, the software itself will conduct a scan which be a quick one. Another scan will take place which will be a little longer in order to find more of the deleted files.
    4. After the scanning process, you will see all our lost files, data and documents. Click on the recover button. Save all the files that you require and are important.


The recovery process although is very simple and clear, but losing data is not at all recommended. One should always have a backup so that the need of arising this situation gets completely alienated. One should not take such bold risks with the important data and files. 100% guarantee is not given by any of the technology. So, be a little careful and for recovering the data follow the above steps. You will be rescued and saved by the procedure and the software.

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